Transit visa

The documents needed for crossing the italian border when travelling to San Marino.

1. Invitation letter or hotel booking confermation.

2. Travel Vouchers/Return tickets

Applicant must submit a copy of his/her return ticket (airplane/train) or travel reservation voucher.

If travelling by car the following documents are required:

  • Original and a copy of the Vehicle Registration Certificate
  • Original and a copy of the International Insurance Policy with civil responsibility (“green card”).
  • Original and a copy of Driving license.
  • Original and a copy of the car rent voucher if the car is rented.

3. International Medical Insurance valid for all the Schengen Territory
In order to apply for an Italian visa it is mandatory to have, and show proof of adequate medical insurance coverage for Schengen countries, covering the entire period, valid for all Schengen Member States and covering any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical care, emergency hospital treatment or death during the stay. Holders of diplomatic passport do not need a medical insurance. If the insurance’s booklet contains two “original” sheets; one will be kept by the Embassy. If it contains only one, the Embassy will keep a copy of it. The minimum medical coverage is at least 30,000 € (Euro). In some cases a higher coverage is required.

The International Medical Insurance policy can be purchased directly at the VMS Visa Center with the following advantages:

  • Waiting time reduced to the minimum
  • Insurance coverage available from Euro 30,000 up to Euro 50,000
  • Convenient price of the service (lower than commonly available from other insurers)
  • Possibility to access special schemes for people that practice extreme sports
  • The payment is made in tenge at the time of the issuance of the policy, without any surcharge.

4. Copy of the passport page containing holder’s data, validity and a photo

5. Application form with a recent passport size photograph

Each Applicant needs to fill in accurately and in full the form, preferably in block letters, in English or Italian. The form must be duly signed. If the Applicant is under 18 of age, the form must be signed by both parents.No visa application can be filed more than three months prior to the first expected date of travel.

Photo specifications
Recent passport-size photo in colour on white background (it can’t be scanned and needs to show the entire face on a white back-ground).

Size: 30 mm x 40 mm or 35 mm x 45 mm.

6. Financial Guarantees

All applicants who intend to enter in Italy or in Schengen Territory must provide proof that they have sufficient funds to cover the expenses of their planned stay (most recent bank statement/s). The means of subsistence are one of the most important requirements for Shengen visa applicants.
The applicant needs to show proof of adequate financial means for both the entire duration of the stay and travelling back to the country of origin or residence.
Any of the following documents will be considered sufficient proof of financial resources:

  • Applicant’s original Bank account statement (in any currency).
  • Applicant’s original and copy of the savings account.
  • Travelers Cheques original and copy,
  • Copy of Applicant’s credit card and bank statement (or receipt and copy of the credit card including the credit limit statement, an ATM receipt is acceptable)
  • Applicant’s Bank guarantee (fidejussione bancaria) or bank statement/s from your Host in Italy guaranteeing the Applicant’s travel expenses (polizza fidejussoria). Original and copy signed by the signatory of the Invitation Letter.
  • Original and copy of the guarantee letter (buono fruttifero postale) issued by Italian Post Office.

7. Travel document (passport)

Please remember that the passport needs to be valid for at least 3 months beyond the last day of your intended stay in Italy. The passport shall have been issued within the previous ten (10) years. It is required also a copy of it (pages with personal information and with two previous Schengen visas, if available).
If the Applicant has two valid international passports, both must be submitted; in case only one is valid please provide a copy of the voided passport. The passport must have at least two blank pages to affix the visa and for border stamps.

8. Deposit slip as proof of payment for Consular fees

The visa fees need to be paid directly at ….

For applications by citizens of the Russian Federation ,Ukraine, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Georgia and Moldova the Visa Fee is 35 Euros.

The processing time usually takes 3 business days, excluding the day of visa application.

Visa fees applicable for citizens of other countries – 80,00 Euros.

The following categories are exempted from visa fees:
a) ”citizens of any EU member state”;
b) family member of citizens of any EU member state:
1) spouse;
2) partner who has entered with a citizen of any EU member state into a contractual union registered on the basis of the legislation of a EU country, in case such legislation gives to such contractual union the same legal status as that of a marriage, as long as the conditions stated by such legislation have been met;
3) minors up to the age of six (until the day before the sixth birthday);
4) direct descendants less than 21 year old or still dependant economically from the parent citizens of any EU member state, and those of the spouse or partner;5) direct ascendants depending economically from the Eu citizen or his/her spouse or partner;
6) students, graduate students and accompanying teachers who travel for study reasons or pedagogic training;
7) research personnel non EU citizens who travel in order to conduct scientific research, as members of no-profit organizations;
8) representatives of no-profit organizations 25 year old or less
Intending to participate to seminars, conferences, sport, cultural or educational events organized by no-profit organizations.

Hosting Schengen country is the Schengen country where the citizen goes in order to exercise his/her right of free circulation or stay.

9. Information enabling an assessment of the applicant’s intention to leave the territory of the Schengen Member States before the expiry of the visa applied for.
Documents representing proof of existence of family ties in Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan (e.g. marriage certificate, document certifying the family composition, birth certificate of children); documents regarding family ties or other personal connections in the Schengen states, documents indicating the applicant’s economic condition (e.g. ownership title to property, bank statements, employment certificates, etc); students need to show certificate of school enrolment.

10. Non-Kazakh nationals.
Proof of residence in Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan; residence permit valid at least 3 months after the return date.

11. Letter of the applicant confirming his residence’s address.

12. For citizen of Kazakhstan, to sign the contract with VMS for the service, it’s necessary to submit the ID Card. For citizen of other Countries an ID document certifying the residence of the applicant.

In case required, the Visa Consular Section may require the original documents.

13. Consent for processing the personal data. (application forms)

Kindly note that the Embassy reserves the right to request further documentation.