Study visa (invitation letter from State University)

When applying for a visa category C in order to collect biometric data (fingerprints) requires personal appearance by the applicant.

Invitation letter from State Universities

If the entrant going to enter to the University, he or she firstly needs to pass exams by language or other entrance examinations, must request tourist Schengen visa.

After successfully passing the exams and receiving documents about the enrollment, it is necessary to request a student national visa.

If the student is enrolled to the University, he must provide the following documents 

1. Applicant form with a recent passport size photograph (under the established form)

Dear clients records on the site profile, the application form will be generated automatically. When you finished you will have the opportunity to print out completed applications.

Requirements for completing application forms.

The application form is filled in block letters on each applicant in Italian or English languages.

For children complete separate application form. For a child under 18 years old, application form signed by both parents

Use only forms corresponding to accepted standards. The application for can be found on our website under ‘’Forms’’

2.Requirements for photography.
Photo color on a white background -1 PCs. 30 mm x 40 mm or 35 mm x 45 mm

3. International passport

Remember that the expiration date of the passport must exceed the expiration date of the visa, required for at least 3 months. The passport must have at least two blank pages for the visa. Passport must be issued not earlier than 10 previous years.

 Copy of the applicant’s passport (a copy of the page with personal information and all previous Schengen visas, if any)

4. Invitation letter from State University

5. Document of the payment of the training course

6. Copy of the diploma of the previous education

7. The exact address, if in the invitation letter not registered residential address, accompanied by an invitation from a private person for the first year of studies + copy of  ID card of the inviting person.


9. Financial guarantee

• Bank statement on the availability of funds + bank account history for the 3 months’ period;

• availability of means (€ 5953.64 per year minimum) + cost of accommodation for the first year + cost of the return-ticket (if not yet purchased) + any extra university / institute enrollment fees;

If the parents (or family member) finance the student’s study cycle in Italy, it will also be necessary to provide:

• statement of the parent sponsoring the studies in Italy;

• copy of the identity document of the parent, bearing the signature;

• bank statement on the availability of funds + bank account history for the 3 months’ period;

• certificate from the employer of the parent. Original employment letter with the company’s stamp, bearing the address and contact details, duties, salary and date of employment. For entrepreneurs or self-employed workers – in addition to the previous year’s income tax return, the copy of the individual entrepreneur certificate or registration or other documentation certifying the professional qualification and the activity carried out must be provided;

• copy of the student’s birth certificate.

10. Insurance policy for the Schengen countries

To obtain a visa you need  a medical insurance, valid in the Schengen area.
The minimum amount of insurance coverage is 30.000 euros, in some cases, insurance may be required that has a wider coverage spectrum.
You must provide the original + copy of the policy

The policy of medical insurance of citizens traveling abroad can be issued at the Visa Center

• There is a choice of the amount of insurance coverage in the range from 30 000 to 50 000 euros.

• The payment of the policy is made in tenge at the time of the conclusion of the contract (the insurance policy is made to the passport information of the applicant)

Attention!!! In order to avoid the fraud when registering an insurance policy outside of the office, it is necessary to read the documents confirming the powers of the insurance agent.

11. Booking ticket

If the visa requested for more than 90 days, only one way ticket is provided

If the visa requested for less than 90 days, a round trip ticket is provided

12. Agreement to the processing of personal data (forms)

13. Identity card of a citizen of Kazakhstan or any other state for the conclusion of a contract

14. Attention!!! Children under 15 years old cannot go to school.

We would like to inform you that in addition to the visa fee and additional services, you have to pay for services of the Visa center the cost of the services you can find here…

With the rules of filling documents, you can find in the section ‘’important information’’

If you have any additional questions, please clarify the information over the phone or e-mail address of the brunch filling.  Read more…


Kindly note that the Embassy reserves the right to request further documentation.