Driver’s visa

When applying for a visa category C in order to collect biometric data(fingerprints)requires personal appearance by the applicant.

Attention!!!The package of documents is collected in the order established below;

1. Applicant form with a recent passport size photograph (under the established form)

Dear clients records on the site profile, the application form will be generated automatically. When you finished you will have the opportunity to print out completed applications.

Requirements for completing application forms.

Use only forms corresponding to accepted standards. The application for can be found on our website under ‘’Forms’’

2.Requirements for photography.

Photo color on a white background -1 PCs. 30 mm x 40 mm or 35 mm x 45 mm

3. International passport

Remember that the expiration date of the passport must exceed the expiration date of the visa, required for at least 3 months. The passport must have at least two blank pages for the visa. Passport must be issued not earlier than 10 previous years.

4. Copy of the applicant’s passport (a copy of the page with personal information and all previous Schengen visas, if any)

5. Invitation Letter

The invitation letter must be from the Italian transport company with the following information;

• All invitees name, position, and a place of work in Kazakhstan, passport data, date of entry;

• Type of cargo indicating suppliers and places where the loading performed (delivery- detagli aziende collabatrici)

• Institution or physical person in Italy, which covers all the expenses of the  invited person,

6.A copy of the passport of the representative of the Italian organization, signed the invitation letter (page with personal data and signature)

7. An extract from the Chamber of Commerce (visura camerale) inviting company valid for not more than 6 months( copy )

8. You need to provide an invitation or hotel reservation for the whole period of your stay (every night) in the countries of Schengen agreement.

9. Certificate of membership in the Union of International Road Carriers (KAZATO)

10. Letter on the letterhead from the transport company

 Covering letter on the letterhead from the transport company in Kazakhstan with the name of the applicant, passport data, route of (1 st and 2 st spare), additional information about the car( brand, registration number). The letter should indicate that the carriage of goods is carried out on a vehicle not registered in the Schengen zone

11. Driver’s license

The validity of the driver’s license must ‘’cover’’ the entire period of the requested visa. There should be open categories ‘’C’’, ‘’E’’, (‘’D’’ not mandatory)

12.Required documents for the car 

• international standard insurance;

• technical certificate   

13. Employer Declaration

Requires the original reference from the employer on company letterhead indicating phone and address of the organization, position and length of the service and monthly salary of the applicant. The reference must indicate data of issue (to obtain a package of documents for a visa, reference is valid for a month) Reference signed by the  head of organization and stamped.

Individual entrepreneurs provide a copy of the certificate of registration and a certificate indicating the position and the monthly income with a signature and stamp (if available)

14. Financial guarantee

A foreign citizen who intends to enter the territory of Italy or another Member State of the Schengen Agreement, must have enough funds to ensure their stay in the Schengen area for the duration of the visit

The following documents are accepted as financial guarantee;

• Reference from the bank about availability of funds + statement of cash flow for the last 3 months

• The order about the business trip (in the order about  business trip the  purpose and terms of the trip, payment of the travelling expenses

The financial guarantee is valid for no more than 1 month

The amount of money is required to enter to Italy is calculated on the basis of the parameters, approved by the Ministry of the Interior of Italy

15. Insurance policy for the Schengen countries

To obtain a visa you need  a medical insurance, valid in the Schengen area. The minimum amount of insurance coverage is 30.000 euros, in some cases, insurance may be required that has a wider coverage spectrum. You must provide the original + copy of the policy

The policy of medical insurance of citizens traveling abroad can be issued at the Visa Center

• There is a choice of the amount of insurance coverage in the range from 30 000 to 50 000 euros.
• The payment of the policy is made in tenge at the time of the conclusion of the contract (the insurance policy is made to the passport information of the applicant)

Attention!!! In order to avoid the fraud when registering an insurance policy outside of the office, it is necessary to read the documents confirming the powers of the insurance agent.

Documents representing evidence of family ties (including marriage certificate, documents confirming family composition, birth certificate of children, documents confirming the existence of family or other personal ties in the states of the Schengen zone.

16.Airticket reservation round trip

17.Agreement to the processing of personal data (forms)

18. Identity card of a citizen of Kazakhstan or any other state for the conclusion of a contract.

19.The consular fee is paid in tenge

• The cost of issuing a short term visa type C – 80 euros

• Ukraine, The Russian Federation, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Moldova, Bosnia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan – 35 euros

The consular fee is not charged from citizens of the following categories;

• Children under 6 years old

• Close relatives of citizens of EU countries (parents, spouses, children)

We would like to inform you that in addition to the visa fee and additional services, you have to pay for services of the Visa center the cost of the services you can find here…

With the rules of filling documents, you can find in the section ‘’important information’’

If you have any additional questions, please clarify the information over the phone or e-mail address of the brunch filling.  Read more…

Kindly note that the Embassy reserves the right to request further documentation.