International Medical Insurance valid for all the Schengen Territory

To submit the documents it is required to provide the Medical Insurance with the following details:

• name and surname of person insured (according to the passport data);
• insurance terms (period of first travel to the Schengen area as a minimum term);
• quantity of days insured (quantity of days according to the itinerary provided as a minimum term);
• the territory insured (Worldwide or Schengen counties);
• amount insured (not less than 30.000 euro).

The International Medical Insurance policy can be purchased at the VMS Visa Centre. 

• registration time within five minutes;
• insurance coverage available from Euro 30 000 up to Euro 50 000;
• at a rate of 1 euro per day;
• the payment is being made in tenge at the time of drawing up of the Insurance policy. 

In order to avoid fraud while drawing up the Insurance policy outside the office it is required to become familiar to the documents affirming the Insurance agent’s authority.