Information from Consulate


Please be informed, that, beginning with January 1st of the year 2022 onwards all the requests for the short term Schengen visas from Kyrgyzstan citizens must be submitted to the Hungarian Embassy in the city of Bishkek EXCLUSIVELY.




We hereby inform of the entry into force of the visa representation agreement, according to which the Hungarian Embassy in Bishkek can accept and consider applications for Schengen visas to Italy for short-term stays of type “C”. For more information go to


Dear applicants


Please be informed that everyone entering Italy from abroad, must fill out an electronic form using the link below:

Please complete the survey at the request of the Italian Foreign Ministry:

All nesessary information regarding visa fee is under the following section «Consular fees»

The consular fee should be paid in tenge at the exchange rate established by the Italian Embassy in Nur-Sultan.
35 euro = 16 500 tenge;
40 euro = 18 850 tenge;
50 euro = 23 600 tenge;
80 euro = 37 700 tenge;
116 euro = 54 700 tenge


Announcement DPCM, from September 7, 2020 – Entry of people, including non-cohabitants, who have confirmed and stable affective relationships in Italy

According to the Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of Italy from September 7, 2020, entry into the national territory is allowed to reach the domicile / home / residence of a person specified in paragraphs f and h of Art. 4 p. 1 of the Decree of the Prime Minister of Italy of August 7, 2020 /DPCM_20200807.pdf

including those with whom there is no cohabitation, but there is are permanent and confirmed personal affective relationships. The affective relationship concerns only couples, not family members. Concerned persons can make an appointment at VMS Visa Application Centre in Nur-Sultan/Almaty to apply for a tourist visa (for the purpose of visiting family and friends).
In addition to the documents required for applying for a tourist visa (for the purpose of visiting family members and friends), you must provide also: 

1) a declaration of responsibility from an inviting person for confirming the fact of permanent and stable personal affective relationships accompanied by a copy of a valid identity document; 
2) a personally signed statement to receive an accompanying consular note to facilitate boarding.
Persons who already have a valid Schengen visa can apply for the accompanying consular note via e-mail There should be also in attachment a copy of a travel document, valid visa and the above declaration of responsibility for confirming the fact of a permanent and stable personal relationship from the inviting person, with attachment of a copy of a valid identity document.
It’s strongly recommended to travel to Italy with direct flights whenever possible.
Kindly note that the quarantine obligation (14 days) is required for tourist visa holders. 
Please read carefully the following information published under the link: html
and in particular with a section on mandatory isolation (quarantine) to be spent at  the address that each one is free to indicate on the self-certification model (auto certificazione) downloadable from the aforementioned site.
As required by Article 76 of the Consolidated Law on administrative documentation, anyone who makes false statements is required to take responsibility for the crime of forgery pursuant to the Criminal Code and special laws on the subject.
These directives come into effect on September 8, 2020 and are valid until October 7, 2020.


Visa requests must be submitted at least 15 days before the expected departure date.

These terms are approximate, taking into account feasible supplementary verifications.


The possession of the visa does not grant immediately the right to entry in the Schengen area. The owner of the visa, being on the border of the Schengen area, has to present a passport with a valid visa and, at the request of the border police,necessary documentation confirming the purpose of stay. For details…
It is recommended to apply for the Visa in advance, with a considerable period before the supposed trip.