Financial Guarantees

Sponsorship is allowed ONLY for spouses in case they are travelling jointly and for minors by their parents. The following documents should be provided for sponsorship:

1. parent’s financial guarantee;
2. documents confirming family relationship (minor’s birth certificate – original + copy). In case of changing the surname / s, supporting documents must be also provided (marriage certificate, divorce certificate, name change certificate, etc.);
3. sponsorship letter in free form, in English or Italian;
4. round-trip tickets both for the parent/-s and the minor;
5. a confirmation of an accommodation for the trip shared with the minor;

6. if only a child needs to apply for a visa (parent/-s  have already a valid Schengen visa),  also should be provided:

– the original of foreign passport of the parent/s;
– a copy of the page with personal data and a photo;
a copy of the parent/-s valid visa.

Minimum available financial resources required to be proven to cover the cost of suitable accomodation and other expenses in Italy (in Euros)

Duration of a trip For one person For every person of a group (2 or more)
1-5 days: fixed amount 269,60 212,81
6-10 days: per person / a day 44,93 26,33
11-20 days: fixed amount
+ per person / a day
20 days and more: fixed amount
+ per person / a day

*How to calculate? For 15 day trip: 51,64 (fixed amount) + 36,67 * 15 = 601,69 euro’s.